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The Academic Session consists of two terms: First term - April to September Second term - October to March


The Vacation/Breaks shall be followed by the parents as mentioned in the School diary during the academic year.


A student will be evaluated on the basis of regular tests, assignments and project work in the internal segment. There will be continuous and comprehensive evaluation.


Promotion will be based on the weightage of the whole year's performance. Continuous and comprehensive evaluation will be done from class I to VIII Pass Percentage

1. In classes upto class VIII, to pass an examination, a candidate must obtain not less than 35% marks in each subject and an aggregate of 40% for promotion.

2. In classes upto VIII a student failing in one or two subjects may be granted promotion provided he or she has secured at least 30% marks in each of the failing subjects and has an aggregate of 40%.

3. In classes IX and XI a candidate should obtain not less than 40% marks in each subject and an aggregate of 45% for promotion.

4. In class IX and XI a student securing an aggregate of 45% but failing in one or two subjects by not more than 10%  marks will be eligible to take the supplementary Examination in the first week of May and will be promoted to the next higher class subject to his passing the examination.

5. It is mandatory to pass both in Theory and Practical Exams separately in Class XI for promotion to Class XII.

6. Any student who remains absent for reasons other than on medical grounds in any of the tests is awarded zero in that particular subject. One who fails to appear for the session ending examination for any reason shall not ordinarily be promoted to the next higher class even if he/she secured sufficient marks in other Tests/Examination.

7. Re-tests/Re-Examinations will not be conducted for absentees.

8. The Progress Report will be given only to parents on the dates of which are given in Calendar of Events/School Diary.

9. If and when the Progress Report is lost by the student, a levy of Rs. 50/- will be charged for issuing a new Report Card. A letter from the Parent/Guardian should accompany such a request.

10. No separate written warning need to be issued, for detaining a student, on the basis of the result over the year.

11. Co-operation of the parents will help their wards in maintaining regularity in home assignments and regular appearance in the tests. Regular attendance will better the performance of the child without needing private tuition. Parents are requested to supervise the studies of their wards regularly. No relaxation will be granted if any of the above mentioned instructions are not followed strictly.

12. Students who have repeated the class for the second time will not be granted admission to the School.



A student will not be allowed to appear in the annual examination if he/she has not put in a minimum of 75% of the total attendance of the academic session, including attendance in previous school if the student has been admitted on transfer.



The number of requests for change in name/date of birth are on the increase and C.B.S.E. does not entertain such requests. Therefore, at the time of admission parents are requested to give the correct name and date of birth of the pupil. Thereafter requests for change in these two documents will not be entertained or accepted.



Without the full co-operation of the home, education of the child remains incomplete. In order to promote this, OPEN HOUSES are arranged after every Unit Test / Terminal Examination, for all parents to interact with the teachers. Dates and timings are given in the Calendar of events/School Diary. Parents are requested to avail this opportunity to come and know the progress of their wards from time to time, not only in academics but in other fields also.



a) Bus fee will be charged for the full school academic year

b) Bus fee will be charged for To and From

c) Security Deposit (Refundable) - Rs. 1000.00

d) Quarterly Fee – As per route, area & distance.

e) All payments must be made through Bank Cheques.



1. No pupil should be absent without obtaining prior permission from the Principal.

2. In case of absence a written application for leave should be submitted to the Principal before attendance is resumed. Date of leave application must be entered in the School Diary.

3. If absence is through illness, a certificate of fitness from the doctor must be produced on returning to school, along with the application for leave. The same must be entered in the School Diary also.

4. Leave letter must be addressed to the PRINCIPAL and not to the Class Teacher.

5. Under no circumstance should a parent send a child to School after an Infectious illness before he/she is completely free from infection. This must be supported by a medical certificate. Quarantine period for infectious disease must be strictly observed.

6. Attendance till the last day of a term is compulsory. Request for permission to leave before that date or extend the holiday after the commencement of a new Term will be entertained only in cases of emergency. Pupils absent on the last day of a term or on the first day of a new term are liable to be struck off the rolls.

7. Children who are ill should not be sent to School to appear for the Unit Test/Examination. Request for permission to return home after appearing for the Test/Examination because of illness will not be entertained. No Re-test will be conducted for children who have not been able to appear for a Test/Examination due to illness.

8. Children missing tests/examinations to participate in sports activities, NCC and co-curricular activities and representing the School or participating at the District, State, National and International levels will, however, receive consideration.

9. Repeated absence without leave or unexplained absence for more than three days is liable to result in the name of the pupil being struck off the rolls. Re-admission in such cases may be granted, subject to vacancy and only on payment of all dues.

10. Parents are requested not to take their children away from School during working hours. Sending applications for attending social functions will not be entertained.



Parents can meet the Class Teachers and Subject Teachers only on OPEN HOUSE/PTM days. Parents are requested not to disturb the teachers or GO TO THEIR CLASSES during school hours. For any emergency, parents may contact the school office to obtain permission from the PRINCIPAL. Please send lunch with your wards. If, for any reason, your ward forgets to bring his/her lunch or books, kindly hand them over with a slip bearing the student's name, class and section to the Sentry at the main gate. Arrangement has been made to hand over the articles to your wards before the lunch break. AS A GENERAL RULE THE ABOVE PRACTICE MUST BE KEPT TO THE MINIMUM. Parents who wish to meet the Principal may do so between 1200 hours to 1300 hours from Monday to Friday or by prior Appointment.


Fee Regulation


- Annual Charges must be paid in April along with first quarter fees i.e. April, May & June


- Quarterly on or before 10th of apr, jul, oct & jan


- Fees has to be paid by the bank cheques or to be deposited directly into school bank account from 01st of every quarter i.e. April/July/Oct/Jan preferably by Demand Draft/Cheque in favour of ARAVALI PUBLIC SCHOOL, BANDIKUI. If cheque is not honoured Rs. 300.00 will be charged extra as bank service charges. OUTSTATION CHEQUES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. (Please write the Student's Name, Class & Section in the rear side of the Demand Draft/Cheque).

Bank Working Hrs: Monday to Saturday:10.30 hrs to 1600 hrs (2nd & 4th Saturday will be bank holidays)


a) From 01st to 10th of current month - Nil

b) Upto 20th of current month - Rs. 100.00

c) Upto 30th of current month - Rs. 150.00

d) Upto 30th  of next month - Rs. 200.00

e) Upto three months - Rs. 500.00

NOTE: If fees is not paid for one quarter the name of the student will be struck off the rolls. Thereafter if the student requires readmission he/she will have to pay all the admission recoveries. Re-admission will be given subject to vacancy.

5. All payments will be made directly to the Bank.




6. Notice of withdrawals must be given fifteen days in advance on TRANSFER CERTIFICATE FORM along with Rs. 100.00 as TC charges. TC application is available in the school office.

7. Pupil will not be allowed to take the term/final examination, if fees are not paid in full.

8. On no account can a Transfer Certificate be issued to a pupil whose fees have not been fully paid.

9. If the Challan Book is lost, the matter must be immediately reported to the Principal through a written application. Fresh Challan Book will be issued on payment of Rs. 20.00 only. The fee challan book is an important document; it should be preserved and produced whenever asked for by the school.

10. The fees challan should be shown to the Class Teacher every quarter (April/July/Oct/Jan) to confirm having paid the fees. Please note that in case the challan is required by the parents for the purpose of claiming reimbursement, the same be done after due confirmation from school accountant. The details of fees paid by the parents/students are required to be entered in the school document.

11. If the Progress Card is lost, the matter must be reported to the Principal immediately. Fresh Progress Card will be issued on payment of Rs. 50.00 only. The parent must forward a written application to the Principal.

12. School Diary if lost will be available on payment of Rs. 50.00 to the school office.