An English Medium Senior Secondary School | Affiliated to C.B.S.E New Delhi
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Our Mission


Mission Statement

A CBSE education prepares students to think deeply, act responsibly, live vigorously, believe faithfully, lead resolutely, and create imaginatively.

Mission Goals

  • Students will develop an appreciation of diverse cultures.
  • Students will acquire the skills to be successful in life.
  • Students will develop empathy and emotional intelligence that help them understand others and build trusting relationships.
  • Students will develop habits of humility and prudence that induce self-criticism and self-correction.
  • Students will acquire skills to become independent thinkers by developing self-discipline and persistence and by learning to distinguish reliable and relevant information.
  • Students will learn the satisfaction of service to others.
  • Students will develop aesthetic appreciation and experience the pleasure of enjoying the arts.
  • Students will learn how to keep fit and gain the benefits of competition on the playing field.

Mission Values