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Honor Code

A School that has an Honour Code honours its students.

A System of Honor is essential in order for members of a community to work together in an atmosphere of trust. When there is an individual breach of honour, not only the educational process but also the moral fiber of a school community is threatened. Living in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect is a privilege not to be violated and not to be taken for granted.

A personal sense of honour ensures that a student can think for himself and share a sense of pride in his own work. Although it would be convenient and less complicated to concern ourselves solely with honour as it applies to academic work and testing, we must recognize that honourable conduct must pervade all of our actions and relationships with others. A student is accountable for his behavior first and foremost, and as a corollary, becomes a steward of the health of the school community. The student recognizes that it is in his best interest to guard jealously the safety and trust of that community.

To promote personal honour and integrity, CBSE students are expected to live by an Honour Code. In Grades 5 through 12, students are expected to understand the Honour Code and to pledge to adhere to it. In the Lower School, the principles of the Honour Code are emphasized, encouraged, and enforced at an appropriate level.

Honour Code

As a member of the APS, I will not lie, cheat, or steal, and I will assume my obligation to encourage others to uphold this Honour Code.