Affiliated to C.B.S.E, New Delhi till 31st March 2025.
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Affiliation Number :1730448

About Us

The school started in a small accommodation in Gudha Road Bandikui and is now situated at Badiyal Khurd Bandikui . A Co-Educational, English Medium Institution from L.K.G to class 12th with a strength of about 900 students , is a semblance of tradition of cultural values by regular Hawan and Yajnas purify the campus.

School,s Concept of Education

The basic tenet of this philosophy is that in the process of educating our children we accept not only the best that the modern research in education has to offer but also integrate it with the core values of our ancuent cultural heritage.. Towards the achievment of this end, the school provides an integrated program that lays emphasis not only on scholastic accomplishments but also on development of strong character, cohesive personality and healthy mental attitudes. These latter attributes are sought to be created through construcitive and first hand experiences. In other words, our program is comprehensive enough to include such activities and experiences besides formal teaching from text books. Thus a very special aspect of our educational technology is our belief that the task of our school is not limited to imparting academic skill to its pupils but it legitimately extends to helping them to become happy and responsible citizens. We contsider it our very important responsible to help them grow into compassionate beings committed as such to improve the quality of life around them and to achieve succuess in their own chosen ares of work. Another important aspect of our recognition and deep awareness of the fact that every child is a unique personality trait in each child and allow it to grow till its full potential is actualized. (Everyday thinking, like ondinary walking ia a natural performance, We all pick up. But good thinking likme running the 100 yard desh, is a technical performance..... good thinking is the result of good teaching Which includes much practice." - "David perkins, Howard University".)

Our Vision

Transforming talents into execlence for crafting and creating well rounded citizens having competencies in consonance with the contemporary and future global needs.

Our Mission

To develop insingh and provide concrete ways based on contant assessment to improve learning. To make the children mentally physically, emotionally socially strong to face the complexities og the present world. To achieve this Mission the school is vertically divided into four houses and five cluds from L.K.G. onwards This helps in developing open mindedness among students and building confidence through inter house competitions .